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21 Apr 2016

BulletHell Adventure

Any hero must understand better than to socialize with his/her love in open spaces. It's just bait for any ill-tempered bad guy. Our kid hero tests fate by bringing his princess sweetheart out into the jungle for some lovey-dovey eye looking only to have her rapidly snatched by an alien in a spaceship. Fortunately though, he has a lot of dino pals to offer him a lift and shoot the alien bugs out of his way in order to save his dearly cherished. But these bugs didn't go to the stormtrooper school of shooting therefore he'll have to evade all the madness they toss at him, in BulletHell Adventure. Frozennnn's action shooter is had fun with either the mouse or keyboard, whichever one you're more fit with as you'll require high skill to swoop in between all the bullets flying to you, while at the same time shooting much more ideal back at them.

With all the gold for the upgrades, stars for the gathering, lots of bugs and their shots filling the screen there is a lot going on in each level. The majority of the time you will not even have a possibility to intend as you're too hectic aiming to live. However because the shots are done automatically you do not actually need to stress over that. You do not need to kill all the bugs on the screen either to pass the level. In fact, I'm not too sure exactly what causes the level to end ... whether it's time, or range the levels just sort of stop. Except for the boss fights which only are over when the boss is killed, however aside from that you and any bad guy left on screen just disappear when it's time to be done with it. It does not really affect the gameplay, however sometimes it would be nice to understand how close you are to your goal. Particularly when you replay a level for more gold to get those great, terrific upgrades. But there is a small balancing issue with those upgrades. If you get the right mix the game is very easy. If you do not ... then it's really difficult. Still, BulletHell Adventure is simply a light-hearted romp with some charming graphics, fun music, and lots and great deals of bullets flying every which way.


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